We're Matt & Jay the founders of the Outdoor Inn.

We've always been enthusiastic businessmen!
Always wanting to do something we have complete autonomy over.


This is it. 

We really were those classic mates who'd meet in a pub and talk crap about business and never do anything about it... Matt's still writing a book on "how to pull women" apparently...

This was the only idea we ever really took seriously and we've fumbled our way through the past two years with our first venue. 

This time, sh*t gets real! This second venue on the Historic site of The Fleece complex is a big deal and we want to bring our knowledge and flare to brighten up this disused site. 

Nothing great ever came from small ideas. Think big! Think London bus bar & a 20ft shipping container stage...

we love it big!


OI @ The Fleece is three times the size of our Cheltenham venue, so we've got our work cut out! 

Do follow our journey on social media, it's going to be epic.

See you
soon folks.

Oh, we heard the OI Brew is worth a try, our own crafty beers - that's cheeky!


M & J